New Clip ‘n Climb coming to Reading this summer

Climbing lovers are in for a treat this summer as Clip ‘n Climb prepares to open its new fun climbing centre in Reading.

Clip 'n Climb Reading

Due to open in July 2022, Clip ‘n Climb Reading will feature 24 unique climbing challenges for ages 4+. The new centre includes the popular Stairway to Heaven and an eight-metre-tall Vertical Drop Slide.

As with all centres, each climbing wall will be fitted with an auto belay. This system allows climbers of all ages to ascend and descend at their own pace.

Where will Clip ‘n Climb Reading be located?

The new fun climbing climbing centre will be located in a converted grain store on the outskirts of Arborfield, south of Reading in Berkshire.

The centre will also include a birthday party area for families and friends, and a café which overlooks the climbing arena, serving a range of meals, snacks and drinks.

Jon Robinson Clip 'n Climb Reading

Owner Jon Robinson, said:

“I decided to open the business because my children had been to another Clip ‘n Climb when visiting relatives and had an amazing and fun-packed time. From this, I wondered why Reading and the surrounding area didn’t have a Clip ‘n Climb (or to be more precise my children asked me why there wasn’t a Clip ‘n Climb they could go to back home!) and I began what turned out to be a 3-year journey to find the perfect site and location!”.

Marcus Crossman, Clip ‘n Climb Franchise Manager, said:

“Unlike other climbing centres, our colourful approach to climbing makes Clip ‘n Climb the perfect place for fun family outings, birthday parties and school trips.”

More information and updates can be found on their Facebook page.

Top 5 Benefits of Climbing for Children

Climbing has many physical and mental health benefits for children. Not only is climbing a fun way to stay active, it’s a fab way to spend time with the family and there’s no better place to get started than at Clip ‘n Climb, the UK’s number one indoor climbing adventure for kids and adults.

Today, we’re going to explore some of the biggest benefits climbing can offer your kids at Clip ‘n Climb.

Kid climbing at Clip 'n Climb

Climbing builds confidence

Whether you’re aged 4 or 94, nothing boosts confidence and self-esteem like reaching the top of a climbing wall. It’s a proud feeling when you see your little one conquer their fear of heights and our Clip ‘n Climb team are always on hand to provide encouragement and support.

Climbing improves hand, foot, and eye coordination

Climbing is a full-body activity for your head, shoulders, knees and toes! As you reach for holds and navigate your way up the wall, every muscle in your body in activated – including your brain!

Climbing increases strength, endurance and flexibility

Children need to move for at least an hour every day, and climbing is an excellent way for them to do so. During their 55-minute Clip ‘n Climb session, your child will exercise their core, legs, arms and even the tiny muscles in their hands.

Climbing enhances problem-solving and decision-making skills

Every climbing wall at Clip ‘n Climb presents its own unique challenge. To reach the top, your child will need to mentally map out the most effective ways to navigate the holds. Climbing activates the same part of your brain that is used when solving puzzles!

Climbing is FUN!

Above all else, climbing is fun! Your kids will have a blast climbing with their friends and family, sliding down the Vertical Drop Slide, testing their speed, and challenging themselves to reach new heights on our collection of colourful walls!

Find your nearest Clip ‘n Climb centre and start planning your next climbing adventure!