Clip ‘n Climb to exhibit at British & International Franchise Exhibition

Clip ‘n Climb is delighted to be exhibiting at this year’s British & International Franchise Exhibition, taking place from Friday 17th – Sunday 19th June at the Olympia, London.

With hundreds of exhibitors and over 50 free presentations and workshops, the British & International Franchise Exhibition is a must-attend event for aspiring business owners looking for their next venture.

This year’s stand at the three-day exhibition will provide visitors with an excellent opportunity to talk one-to-one with our experienced franchise team – Franchise Manager, Danny Hodgson and Franchise Account Manager, Marcus Crossman.

Come and chat to us on stand A10 and find out more about owning your own fun climbing business with Clip ‘n Climb.

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Clip ‘n Climb Franchise Model

Owned by Entre-Prises, the world’s leading manufacturer of climbing walls, Clip ‘n Climb is a trusted brand with over 80 fun climbing centres across the UK.

Founded on the philosophy that climbing is for everyone, Clip ‘n Climb filled a gap in the market by creating a fun and accessible climbing experience for all to enjoy.

Now, after launching its new franchise model in the UK, Clip ‘n Climb continues to expand and is looking for talented franchisees to own and run their own centres.

If you build it, they will climb

In March 2022, Clip ‘n Climb opened its newest franchise centre in Thanet, Kent. Key attractions include a 7-metre Vertical Drop Slide, an augmented gaming climbing wall, and the modern South Ridge Café.

In its first month of opening, the centre welcomed over 3,000 climbers, quickly establishing itself as a real social hub for families in the area.

Ready to start your own fun climbing business?

Our franchise model is ideal for individuals looking to get a foothold in the UK leisure industry. As a franchisee, you’ll receive ongoing training and support, giving you everything you need to launch and grow your business.

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New Clip ‘n Climb coming to Reading this summer

Climbing lovers are in for a treat this summer as Clip ‘n Climb prepares to open its new fun climbing centre in Reading.

Clip 'n Climb Reading

Due to open in July 2022, Clip ‘n Climb Reading will feature 24 unique climbing challenges for ages 4+. The new centre includes the popular Stairway to Heaven and an eight-metre-tall Vertical Drop Slide.

As with all centres, each climbing wall will be fitted with an auto belay. This system allows climbers of all ages to ascend and descend at their own pace.

Where will Clip ‘n Climb Reading be located?

The new fun climbing climbing centre will be located in a converted grain store on the outskirts of Arborfield, south of Reading in Berkshire.

The centre will also include a birthday party area for families and friends, and a café which overlooks the climbing arena, serving a range of meals, snacks and drinks.

Jon Robinson Clip 'n Climb Reading

Owner Jon Robinson, said:

“I decided to open the business because my children had been to another Clip ‘n Climb when visiting relatives and had an amazing and fun-packed time. From this, I wondered why Reading and the surrounding area didn’t have a Clip ‘n Climb (or to be more precise my children asked me why there wasn’t a Clip ‘n Climb they could go to back home!) and I began what turned out to be a 3-year journey to find the perfect site and location!”.

Marcus Crossman, Clip ‘n Climb Franchise Manager, said:

“Unlike other climbing centres, our colourful approach to climbing makes Clip ‘n Climb the perfect place for fun family outings, birthday parties and school trips.”

More information and updates can be found on their Facebook page.

Frequently Asked Questions at Clip ‘n Climb

There are just a few things you’ll need to know before visiting your local Clip ‘n Climb climbing centre! From what to wear to what time to arrive, here are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions.

Clip 'n Climb Climbing Centre

What should I wear at Clip ‘n Climb?

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow free movement and flat shoes. For safety reasons, no open-toed shoes, flip-flops or heeled shoes are allowed.

Is there a height or age limit?

The minimum age is 4 years old for our regular climbing sessions, with many of our centres offering toddler sessions for ages 2-4. There are two challenges with a height restriction of 1.2m; the Vertical Drop Slide and Leap of Faith.

Where is my nearest Clip ‘n Climb?

We have over 80 centres across the UK, including three premier centres! Head to our Locations page to find your nearest centre and select a date for your climbing adventure.

Clip 'n Climb Cafe Seating Area

Do you need to pay to spectate?

No! There is no fee for spectators and the majority of our centres have cafes, so you can relax with a coffee while you watch the kids have fun.

What time will my session start?

We ask that visitors arrive 5 minutes before their scheduled time slot. Each session starts with a safety briefing and harness fitting, followed by 55 minutes of climbing fun! Visit our Experience page to find out more.

Clip 'n Climb Safety Briefing

Do I need to book in advance?

Booking in advance is strongly advisable, especially at weekends. It’s the only way we can guarantee your climbing slot.

Do I need any climbing experience?

You don’t need any climbing experience at Clip ‘n Climb. During your safety briefing, you will be introduced to our easy-to-use clipping system and fitted with your harness. Our friendly team are also always on hand to ensure everyone has a fun and safe climbing experience.

Is Clip ‘n Climb just for kids?

At Clip ‘n Climb we believe climbing is for everyone and as such welcome climbers of all ages and abilities. So whether you’re aged 4 or 104, we have plenty of fun climbing challenges for you to enjoy!

If you have any more questions, please contact your local Clip ‘n Climb centre.

Warm welcome for Clip ‘n Climb Thanet

Clip ‘n Climb Thanet officially opened its doors on Saturday 19th March and has since welcomed over 3,000 climbers.

Located at the Westwood Retail Park in Broadstairs, the new centre has attracted climbers of all ages with its variety of colourful climbing challenges, including a 7-metre Vertical Drop Slide, Speed Wall with timer and ValoClimb, an augmented gaming climbing wall.

On opening day, Centre Manager, Tom Hickman, greeted their first customers with a bottle of champagne and a Clip ‘n Climb goodie bag. Also in attendance was the Clip ‘n Climb mascot, Pip the Possum, who entertained the children and posed for photos with families.

Clip ‘n Climb Thanet aims to provide a fun and safe space for the community to climb and unwind with the addition of its in-centre café, overlooking the climbing arena. With a bright future in sight, the centre has plenty more to offer in the coming months including toddler sessions for ages 2-4, climbing sessions for SEN children, adult-only nights and an after school club.

Here’s what a few of their customers had to say:

“I bought my 12-year-old yesterday, absolutely loved it. Think we might be moving in.”

“The staff were fantastic from the start of the party until the end. Extremely friendly and helpful.”

“There are very few things our girls, 8 and 13, can do together, but this hit the spot”.

“The place is fab, clean and safe – staff were lovely, helpful and lots of fun”

For more information about Clip ‘n Climb Thanet and to book, visit

Top 5 Benefits of Climbing for Children

Climbing has many physical and mental health benefits for children. Not only is climbing a fun way to stay active, it’s a fab way to spend time with the family and there’s no better place to get started than at Clip ‘n Climb, the UK’s number one indoor climbing adventure for kids and adults.

Today, we’re going to explore some of the biggest benefits climbing can offer your kids at Clip ‘n Climb.

Kid climbing at Clip 'n Climb

Climbing builds confidence

Whether you’re aged 4 or 94, nothing boosts confidence and self-esteem like reaching the top of a climbing wall. It’s a proud feeling when you see your little one conquer their fear of heights and our Clip ‘n Climb team are always on hand to provide encouragement and support.

Climbing improves hand, foot, and eye coordination

Climbing is a full-body activity for your head, shoulders, knees and toes! As you reach for holds and navigate your way up the wall, every muscle in your body in activated – including your brain!

Climbing increases strength, endurance and flexibility

Children need to move for at least an hour every day, and climbing is an excellent way for them to do so. During their 55-minute Clip ‘n Climb session, your child will exercise their core, legs, arms and even the tiny muscles in their hands.

Climbing enhances problem-solving and decision-making skills

Every climbing wall at Clip ‘n Climb presents its own unique challenge. To reach the top, your child will need to mentally map out the most effective ways to navigate the holds. Climbing activates the same part of your brain that is used when solving puzzles!

Climbing is FUN!

Above all else, climbing is fun! Your kids will have a blast climbing with their friends and family, sliding down the Vertical Drop Slide, testing their speed, and challenging themselves to reach new heights on our collection of colourful walls!

Find your nearest Clip ‘n Climb centre and start planning your next climbing adventure!

Clip ‘n Climb unveils new mascot

What is purple and green, has a cape, a huge smile and a big bushy tail?

Pip the Possum!

Clip ‘n Clip has unveiled its new mascot, an energetic possum who loves to climb, make friends and eat cake! Inspired by Clip ‘n Climb’s roots in New Zealand, Pip the Possum represents an exciting new step in Clip ‘n Climb’s future as the brand continues to expand across the UK.

Designed by UK artist Dan Lewis from Power Box, Pip is anything than your average possum! He’s been on many crazy adventures, including climbing the world’s highest tree to rescue a magical stone during a lightning storm! Wearing his harness, Pip is ready to climb all the time and loves having fun at kids’ parties, especially when there’s cake involved!

The Pip costume, signage and merchandise will be made available to all UK franchise owners in the coming months, enabling them to make their customer experience even more memorable. For example, Pip will be a special guest at the grand opening of Clip ‘n Climb Oldham, the North’s largest Clip ‘n Climb centre, set to open in 2021.

Vicky Coupe, Clip ‘n Climb’s franchise manager, said:

“We hope that Pip acts as a friendly face to welcome new customers (young and old). The response so far on social media has been amazing and we can’t wait to see our customers faces when they meet Pip for the first time!”

Pip the Possum Clip 'n Climb

Don’t forget to share your photos of Pip with us on social media using the hashtag #PipthePossum. For more information about Pip, contact our UK franchise team.

Reference – Dan Lewis from Power Box

Meet a Clip ‘n Climb Owner

Are you thinking about starting your own fun climbing business? If so, we’d love to share our latest video with you. The video tells the story of Josh Davey and Mark Patterson, two business owners, who decided to set up their own Clip ‘n Climb in 2018.

After visiting Clip ‘n Climb Belfast, Josh and Mark were hooked by the “carnival atmosphere” and soon realised the potential demand for a fun climbing centre in their home town of Ipswich.

“We saw an opportunity in Ipswich. It doesn’t really have anything like Clip ‘n Climb in the area. We were able to work with Clip ‘n Climb to build the perfect customer journey for our centre and our customers.”

Since then the business has grown to become one of the largest Clip ‘n Climb centres in the UK, attracting over 65,000 climbers per year with its range of colourful climbing challenges, café and toddler sessions. In the next five years, Clip ‘n Climb Ipswich aims to become the best centre in the UK and one of the main family attractions in East Anglia.

If, like Josh and Mark, you want to open your own business, see our Investor Guide. You’ll learn about the Clip ‘n Climb brand, how we support our franchisees, and more.

Clip ‘n Climb to open new centre in Thanet, Kent

Clip ‘n Climb, the market leader in fun climbing, is opening a new franchise centre in Thanet, Kent.

The new centre – which is expected to open in early 2022 – will feature over 15 unique challenges including the popularStairway to Heaven, an 8-metre Vertical Drop Slide and an interactive climbing wall called ValoClimb, which combines gaming and climbing.

Clip 'n Climb Thanet

Clip ‘n Climb Thanet will also be home to a soft play area, birthday party areas and South Ridge Café, serving a range of meals, snacks and drinks.

Clip ‘n Climb Thanet Manager, Tom Hickman, said:

“Our purpose-built climbing centre aims to provide an exhilarating, adrenaline fuelled, safe space for the entire family to experience something new and push their limits.

With over 15 climbing challenges, using auto belay devices, we make climbing easy, reassuring and fun.

Over the next year we will be developing our community programme. Things to look out for will include, Holiday Schemes, Team-Building Activities, School Programme, Adult Events and Pre-school Activity Centre.

We cannot wait to open the doors and welcome you to our centre.”

Interested in running your own fun climbing business? Take a look at our Clip ‘n Climb Investor Guide for information on how to get started.

Clip ‘n Climb launch its own café brand, South Ridge Café

As an extension to our colourful climbing centres, we have created a new café brand called South Ridge Café. Inspired by Clip ‘n Climb’s origins, our new café brand has been named after the South Ridge region of Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain.

South Ridge Café has been designed to complement the Clip ‘n Climb experience by providing our customers with a warm and welcoming environment to recharge and refuel, whether they’re taking a break from climbing or keeping an eye on the kids.

Clip 'n Climb Oldham South Ridge Cafe

PHOTO CREDIT: Clip ‘n Climb Oldham

In line with our core values, South Ridge Café caters for all tastes and dietary requirements, offering a selection of fresh and healthy food and drink choices, with a few treats thrown in! We’re also passionate about sourcing locally where possible to support local suppliers, while minimising our impact on the environment.

Commenting on the new café, Daniel Hodgson, Clip ‘n Climb Business Manager, said:

“We’re delighted to bring South Ridge Café to our customers and UK franchise owners. We believe the new café brand will enhance our customer experience by providing a welcoming space for all to enjoy. Since launch, we’ve had some great feedback about the quality and choice of food, as well as our prices.”

South Ridge Café is available to all UK franchise owners. For more information about South Ridge Café and owning your own Clip ‘n Climb, contact our UK franchise team.