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The Five Benefits of Team Building Activities

Corporate away days, team building events or team away days, whatever your company calls them, they’ve all got a common purpose, to bring employees together.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic started in 2020 the working environment in the UK has changed significantly. More people are now either adopting a hybrid working lifestyle (a mix of working in the office and at home) or working from home full time, with some employees never having met their colleagues face to face, making team building days more important than ever.

Here are five ways team building activities can have a real positive impact on a company and its employees:

Boost Morale

Taking part in team building exercises can really help to boost morale within a business. Completing team challenges and supporting each other along the way, will give your team a great sense of solidarity not to mention the sense of achievement they’ll feel when they’ve faced a new challenge head on and succeeded.

Increase Productivity

More people are experiencing burn-out due to the daily pressures of work and life, with Mental Health UK reporting that “1 in 5 UK workers felt unable to manage pressure and stress levels at work.”¹

Stress can take a major toll, both mentally and physically and leads to absences at work. The HSE reported that in 2021-22 “The estimated number of workers in Great Britain suffering a work-related illness is 1.8 million with stress, depression, and anxiety making up around half of cases.”²

Team building activities can really help to de-stress participants, with a change of activity from the usual day to day work, socialising with colleagues, building friendships, having fun and exercising, all known to help reduce stress levels and in turn absence rates.

Improve Communication

People communicate differently and teams need to learn how each other communicates so that they can work together efficiently, especially if teams are working remotely. Team building activities can help them to do just that, naturally helping to improve communication between colleagues.

Build Trust

Team building activities are a great way to build trust, as you have to work as a team if you want to win! Team building sessions can also help people to open up more about themselves, so you get to know about who they are as a person and not just who they are professionally. This new level of trust and understanding can see relationships grow stronger and work completed more efficiently.

Warren Buffett, American Business Magnet once said: “Trust is like the air we breathe. When it is present, nobody really notices. But when it’s absent, everybody notices.”

Promote Company Culture

When you put importance on team bonding, it says a lot about the kind of company environment you’re trying to create for your team. By doing fun activities together, such as Clip ‘n Climb, you show employees that you want to build positive, lasting working relationships. By promoting a company culture that cares about those positive working relationships, it can help you to retain staff and attract new talent.

If you’re looking for a different team building activity, one to really remember, contact your nearest premier Clip ‘n Climb Centre below to book your next team building session:


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Clip 'n Climb Reading, The Grain Store, Bridge Farm, Reading, RG2 9HT

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