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Clip ‘n Climb unveils new mascot

Pip the Possum Clip 'n Climb

What is purple and green, has a cape, a huge smile and a big bushy tail?

Pip the Possum!

Clip ‘n Clip has unveiled its new mascot, an energetic possum who loves to climb, make friends and eat cake! Inspired by Clip ‘n Climb’s roots in New Zealand, Pip the Possum represents an exciting new step in Clip ‘n Climb’s future as the brand continues to expand across the UK.

Designed by UK artist Dan Lewis from Power Box, Pip is anything than your average possum! He’s been on many crazy adventures, including climbing the world’s highest tree to rescue a magical stone during a lightning storm! Wearing his harness, Pip is ready to climb all the time and loves having fun at kids’ parties, especially when there’s cake involved!

The Pip costume, signage and merchandise will be made available to all UK franchise owners in the coming months, enabling them to make their customer experience even more memorable. For example, Pip will be a special guest at the grand opening of Clip ‘n Climb Oldham, the North’s largest Clip ‘n Climb centre, set to open in 2021.

Vicky Coupe, Clip ‘n Climb’s franchise manager, said:

“We hope that Pip acts as a friendly face to welcome new customers (young and old). The response so far on social media has been amazing and we can’t wait to see our customers faces when they meet Pip for the first time!”

Pip the Possum Clip 'n Climb

Don’t forget to share your photos of Pip with us on social media using the hashtag #PipthePossum. For more information about Pip, contact our UK franchise team.

Reference – Dan Lewis from Power Box

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