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Clip ‘n Climb is Coming to Halifax in February 2024!

Exciting news for thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts in Halifax – Clip ‘n Climb is set to open its doors in February 2024 as part of the incredible Galactic Golf experience.

What to Expect: 19 Challenges for All Skill Levels!

Prepare for an adrenaline-packed experience with 19 individual climbing challenges, each designed to push your limits and ignite your sense of adventure. From the heart-pounding Speed Climb to the nerve-wracking Vertical Drop Slide, Clip ‘n Climb Halifax promises an array of challenges for every level of climber.

Galactic Golf Meets Clip ‘n Climb: A Perfect Leisure Fusion

Owned by the dynamic quartet of leisure entrepreneurs – Paul, Michael, George, and Tony Ioannou – Galactic Golf has already captured the hearts of Halifax with its 36-hole adventure golf venue. Now, the Ioannou brothers are taking it up a notch by adding Clip ‘n Climb to their ever-expanding leisure portfolio.

Paul Ioannou said of why he thinks it’s the perfect leisure fusion: “When the opportunity to bring Clip ‘n Climb to Halifax arose, we knew it was the perfect addition to our offering. It’s a great family-friendly activity that can be experienced by all abilities, from young starters to experienced climbers. It has a positive impact on fitness and mental health and most importantly, it’s a lot of fun.”

Safety First: Belay Mate Innovation Ensures 100% Safety

As always, your safety is top priority at Clip ‘n Climb. The innovative Belay Mate safety mechanism provides 100% safety for climbers when connected to an Auto Belay, and fully trained staff will be ready to assist and encourage, ensuring a secure and enjoyable climbing experience. Safety briefings will also be held before each session, offering peace of mind for both beginners and seasoned climbers.

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Gear up, Halifax – the climb of a lifetime awaits!

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Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to run your own FUN business that is profitable and a life style change that is different from the normal day to day job. Clip 'n Climb is an exciting turn-key leisure business model and Clip 'n Climb UK are looking for new franchisees to join them with many UK locations available.

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